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The purposes of my projects

Sometimes it can be hard to keep motivation up.

Steven Kotler says that you have to have a purpose to sustain long-term high performance and motivation.

Here is a list of many of my projects and their respective purposes (or why’s):

  • Advancing research on sleep experimentation - Napchart
  • Helping people stay in touch even when they are not physically together. - FileParty
  • Helping people communicate effectively with video. - Personate
  • Increasing the abilities for musicians to organize music inspiration - Slapper
  • Helping people achieve extremely good pronunciation in a foreign language - Imitate
  • Help creatives and entrepreneurs get more good flow time - FocusMonkey

Lars Karbo

Written by Lars Karbo - An indie hacker currently working his way through his 12 startups in 12 months project. Sharing insights from the journey.

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